Prom Details


When & Where


Date: May 2nd, 2020

Time: 9:00pm-12:00am

Location: The Commons

Theme & Colors


The theme this year is "Destination Prom"! The idea is inspired by destinations around the world and traveling. The colors for prom are navy, pinks, blush, lavender, plum, rose gold and gold.

Tickets & Guests


COST: $20 each



North & East: School Bookstore, TBA.

CSA New Tech: MPR during both lunches TBA.


*You MUST HAVE A SCHOOL ID to buy a ticket and to get into prom.


Guests: Any student that is in their junior or senior year may attend. Be sure to check the "Prom Guidelines" information sheet that will be handed out to you when you purchase your ticket(s) for further details. You may bring any student that is a junior or senior. If your guest is from another school, is a junior or senior, and is in good standing, they may come. However, an exception would be this example: If your boyfriend was a junior but got expelled, he cannot come as your date. You may also bring someone that is out of high school if said person is under 21 years old. Students outside of East/North/CSA have to register their guest when they buy tickets. The final decision of whether or not a guest is approved lies with the deans/administrators. ALL guests MUST be registered in the Dean's Office by 1:00 PM on Friday May 1st......No exceptions.....



Arrival & Street Closings


Prom attendees will arrive via the red carpet. They will walk up 4th Street to Washington Street and will enter The Commons at the Washington Street entrance. As with every year, family is allowed to view and photograph the arrivals from the sidewalks of Washington Street.


In order to accommodate all of the attendees and spectators, provisions have been made regarding street closures and barricades. Please view the map below for more details.



Our DJ for prom this year will again be Darin Arbuckle. If you wish to request a song, please visit the DJ Song Request page to submit your song request for consideration.



We are always looking for new ideas to improve the prom goers experience! This year, we will have multiple photo areas set up and available for your use!

Food & Beverage


Gramz Bakery will once again be catering prom. Desserts and beverages will be provided, but prom does not include a formal dinner. Make sure to eat before you come!

Coat Check


When you get to prom, do you really want to lug around your coat all night or worry about keeping it safe? Of course not! So good news...this year we will again be offering a coat check so you can come warm and be worry free for the rest of the evening! 

Prom Committee


A big thank you to all of those involved in planning prom!




Tonya Cruser


Ally Schumm

Emma Wetherald

Zoey Horn

Ali Bergman

Emma Tynan

Kennedy Kerber

Alana Cook

Brianna Eder

Hannah Grimes

Gabby Genth

Carley Finke

Jaylynn Reardon

Madi Roope

Emily Herndon

Paige Bishop



D.D. Hinton

Stacey Meier


Samantha Hutcheson

Abby Meier

Emie Kiser

Faith Briggs

Allana Whiteside

Maya Federle

Ali Robinette

Kloe Roberts

Margo Brunner

Abby Miller

Ally Piatkowski

Makenna Piatkowski

Carlos Fernandez

Chloe Miller

Kate Spurgeon

CSA New Tech


Veronica Buckler


Charlie Rivera Sanchez

Airis Adorno

Yaleina Gonzalez

Sarina Wills

Tyreese Johnson

Jadi Miller

Dawson Spratley

Lora McQueen

Jaden McKay