Candidates elected to prom court are chosen by their peers. Each senior nominates 5 girls and 5 boys from their school. Voting for Prom King and Queen occurs in the two weeks prior to prom. Students from North vote in their own time, and students from East and CSA vote during their English class. Seniors each vote for one girl and one boy. The King and Queen from each school will be announced at Prom. Prom court photos are taken and submitted to The Republic. Please speak to your home school's prom sponsor if you have questions regarding prom court and the voting process. Representatives will each receive a free ticket to get into prom, but their dates must still purchase one.


Prom Court 

North's 2019 Court


Queen Candidates:

Abbey Landini

Emma Lawson

Isabella Seavers

Gracie Davis

Madison Hatfield

King Candidates:

Noah Algee

Sam Russell

Cameron Ziegler

Rishi Poludasu

Riley Ables

CSA's 2019 Court


Queen Candidates:

Vanessa Villalobos

Brooke Valles

Kayla Anderson

Lydia Bishop

Nikita Baker

Mason Walls

Cody Miller

Gabe Kleinhenz

Noah Christian

John Lusk

East's 2019 Court


Queen Candidates:

Ava Pruitt

Maddie Ping

McKenna Major

Molly Newton

Riley Coers

King Candidates:

Matt Romig

Evan Wieneke

Isaac VanCuren

Jonah Wichman

Matt Frost